LHT Revolution is the FIRST Individual & Family Weight Loss Franchise in the country, helping all ages, shapes and sizes achieve their healthy and lasting ideal weight.

The program was medically designed by experts with over 100 years combined Experience in the health, wellness and Supplementation industries. The LHT Revolution® Weight Loss program includes both the Leaner Healthier Today™ and the Leaner Healthier Teen™ Program. Our customized weight loss programs are based on the individuals’ weight, health history and personal goals.

The LHT 3 & Clean Program™

The 3 & Clean program was designed to help our adult clients lose weight faster than most traditional diet plans.  The moderate ketosis (fat burning) program allows for quick, but healthy and sustainable weight loss results. The program is easy to follow and comes with a three day “QuickStart” plan to help you detox and experience a jumpstart in your weight loss, while reducing your sugar and salt cravings.

*Teens-Tweens do a different program. Please see teen brochure.

FIVE Main Components of The 3 & Clean Program:

1.) LHT Supplements
2.) Clean Meals
3.) Individual & Family Counseling
4.) Interactive Emotional Eating Tool™
5.) Maintenance Plan


Interactive, Emotional Eating Tool™ Evidence

Did you know that a large majority of us (including our children,) eat out of stress, boredom, anxiety, loneliness or frustration? We believe, a weight loss program cannot be 100% successful if you don’t address the emotional reasons behind overeating. For this reason, we created an “interactive emotional eating app” that allows you to become more aware of when, where, and why you eat, along with positive strategies to change it.

One-On-One & Family Counseling

In this day and age where everything is computerized, we believe that people still want and need a personal touch, now more than ever. Statistics show that people are far more successful when they have a coach or accountability partner. We can send you a package in the mail and talk to you Via teleconference if you’d like, but we pride ourselves on offering you a place to go and a face to connect with when you get there. Guess we’re a little old fashioned!

Maintenance Plan

Let’s face it, you’ve probably lost weight before, but if you’re interested in this program, then you may have gained it back, Right? Hopefully not, but that’s why we consider maintenance the most important part of our program. During your weight loss phase we will be teaching you the skills you and your family need to stay healthy. for life!



“Recommended by over 20,000 Doctors and Dieticians worldwide!”

Offering the exclusive, “Leaner Healthier Today” and “Leaner Healthier Teen Weight Loss Programs”

(As seen on Fox 40 KCRA, NBC, Channel 10 News and Good Day Sacramento)

*Franchises, Coaching Certification and Employer / Employee Programs Available!


Teen Brochure

Adult Brochure

Cynthia Besson


Cynthia Besson is the Founder and Author of the LHT Revolution and LeanRLife45 Weight Loss Programs. With over 25 years’ experience in health, fitness and motivational sciences, working with giants like Nutri System, L.A Weight Loss, Linda Evans Fitness & Healthy Inspirations, Cynthia has become a weight loss and fitness expert, literally, from the inside out. Originally founded in 2006, Cynthia’s focus on the teen obesity epidemic facing our nation was born out of sheer frustration. “Having been in the industry all my life and knowing there was nothing out there other than weight loss camps for teens, I knew we had to DO something and so LHT was born.” With the assistance of over 40 teens she applied hands-on training with her revolutionary concepts in the areas of teen weight loss, emotional eating, values clarification and positive self -image techniques, her clients (both adults and teens) have achieved unprecedented success. Her passion in this area has made her a sought after speaker in both corporate and private settings. “I am thrilled and humbled to be surrounded by such amazingly talented, educated and passionate Licensees. I lost my mother and youngest sister to diabetes and one of my life purposes is to help stop the childhood diabetes epidemic our nation is facing. I believe LHT and this team of passionate leaders can help do that!

Jimmy Badra

Mr. World

Jimmy Badra is a serial entrepreneur and world champion athlete. Having owned successful businesses ranging from restaurateur (Famous, “Jimmy’s” restaurant and nightclub in Sunnyvale California,) to construction, to health clubs, he is known for his 270lb muscular build and his even bigger, humble heart! However, his true love and passion have always remained in the health and fitness industries. Jimmy and Cynthia met and became partners while owning a successful franchise weight loss and fitness chain in the Bay Area and have been working on projects together ever since. His bodybuilding achievements include the prestigious, Mr. World, Mr. USA and Mr. California, as well as taking second in Mr. Universe. You may recognize him from his TV commercial for a national chain of fitness centers. Known and respected throughout the industry, his experience scans over two decades.

William Webster


Bill is a strategic thinker and creative communications and technology problem solver. He has over 25 years of results-driven, sales-oriented, experience developing & managing creative, communications, and technology projects.

His work has included creative and technical projects for many start ups, SMEs, and top “Fortune List” companies such as AT&T, General Motors, HP, American Express, Bristol Myers Squibb, Chrysler Corp, Choice Hotels, and FedEx — as well as various non-profit organizations such as Junior Achievement, United Way, PETA and faith-based organizations.

He has a unique blend of operations, management, creative, and technology experience. This powerful combination includes operational oversight/management, creative direction, digital business development, project/process design, and customer life-cycle. He provides the leadership and management needed to streamline business processes, execute successful project delivery, and ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

He has worked internationally on B2B & B2C projects in digital sectors such as Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Sports/Fitness, Entertainment, Finance, and Technology – as well as specialized areas such as Human Rights & Non-Profit Fundraising/Development.

Chelsea Fisher


Chelsea Fisher is the President of the LHT Foundation. As a proven marketing and sales powerhouse she’s held pivotal positions in public Fortune 500 companies where her programs brought tens of millions of dollars into the sales pipeline. Her accomplishments include developing, implementing and directing worldwide sales and marketing campaigns. She’s been recognized companywide for her groundbreaking accomplishments. Chelsea’s expertise is bringing both emotion and strategy together creating very successful results. Chelsea and Cynthia Besson met while working together at one of the top Los Angeles brand licensing agencies and have been working on projects together ever since. She provided valuable insight during the LHT Revolution creation adding to its success. She is a strong force behind the LHT Coaches. Chelsea has real empathy and connection to the teens in the LHT program as she was an overweight teen herself. “I’m so proud to see this program helping teens across the country, I’m beyond ecstatic to be part of this healthy revolution!”

Teri Akers

National Training Director

Teri Akers is a Program Director-Head Varsity High School Coach, fitness lifestyle trainer and a competitive athlete. Teri has a 15 year career in adolescent mental health and teaching and is a certified teacher. She’s also a Special Ed instructional aide for El Dorado County office of Education, the program developer for elementary school physical fitness programs, head club soccer coach, PTA president and board member. Teri and her husband Dr. Herb Akers are very committed and connected individuals in their community and serve as great examples of community partnerships in action! Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a young child, Teri has the understanding of what health challenges and labels can present. Today she is a mom of 3 and her passion and mission is to foster the awareness of unlimited possibilities in all the lives that she touches.

Lisa Shay

Licensed LHT Coach, Carlsbad, CA

Lisa Shay holds her BA in communications and currently works with the Carlsbad Unified School District in the San Diego area. Specializing in Special Education, Lisa has a true passion for helping children. A certified lifestyle and nutrition coach with LHT, Lisa’s knowledge and passion for health span over two decades. As a mother of 3 she has also seen firsthand what the lack of nutrition education is doing to our communities. A teacher, a leader and a committed and connected community volunteer, Lisa is a welcomed addition to the LHT team!

Christie Bright

Licensed LHT Coach, Oceanside, CA

Christie Bright has worked with doctors and patients in the medical community for over 20 years. Having a passion for health, wellness and education, she has a special compassion for those in need of care and seeking change. Christie also has an intimate understanding of the challenges of teens today. As a mom of two busy teenagers and living in a heavily populated urban area, she sees the tough situations and choices that teens face today and the lack of knowledge or education to make the smart choice. “I see poor decision making starting at home and it follows the teens throughout their school and social life”. Christie is passionate about helping save this generation through LHT!

Benjamen Spoer

Licensed LHT Coach, New York, NY

Benjamin Spoer started working with teens as a youth sports coach while at UC Berkeley, coaching female high school students in rowing and later providing strength, conditioning and nutritional advice to young boxers. After graduation, he worked for Dr. Oz’s Health Corps, a program that pays recent college graduates to work in underprivileged public high schools advising students on healthy living choices. At Lincoln High School in Coney Island, he taught students about stress reduction, sports training, weight loss and health. In August 2012, Ben will enter Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, Master’s Program with a concentration in youth, adolescent and family health; his intention is to research new ways to help with the teen obesity crisis.

BJ Pasos

Licensed LHT Coach, San Jose, CA

BJ holds a Bachelor of Recreational Therapy as well as a BS in kinesiology from Mount Royal University. She is a personal trainer and world champion athlete. A Canadian record holder for track and field including heptathlon, pentathlon, hurdles, long jump and 400m relay. She is a Canadian and US National Champion and holds the No. 2 in the world position for the pentathlon. As the Alberta Ballets principal dancer she brings grace and passion to any endeavor she is involved in. Her love for health and fitness is lifelong and her enthusiasm contagious! In addition, she also has accreditation in interior design and event logistics.

Kristin Berard

Licensed LHT Coach, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties, FL

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Owner of Lifetime Health Consulting, Kristin is a personal trainer, nutrition, fitness and weight loss coach. Her specialties also include pre-post natal fitness and nutrition training for new moms. Dr. Jeffrey and Kristin Berard own three Chiropractic Wellness Centers, Spine and Sport Rehab Institutes in Plantation, Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie Florida. Kristin and her husband are very involved in their communities and enjoy helping people who are looking to get and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle throughout their lives. As an athlete, Kristin has challenged herself to enter her first body building competition and hopes to bring recognition to the teen obesity challenge facing our nation by being a part of the LHT team.“ I love teaching people how to get a lifestyle where they feel great about themselves and enjoy life by knowing that being healthy and fit can be as easy and fun as you make it. Everyone has the right to be happy, healthy, and fit for as long as they live. We only have one life and one body, so let’s treat it well!”

Sharon Thompson

Licensed LHT Coach, Folsom, CA

Sharon is a certified personal trainer, an NBC Biggest Loser Pro and oversees the personal training program at three different Sacramento area fitness centers. Working in conjunction with former Raiders football player, Vance Mueller, she is no stranger to helping others achieve their goals! Her specialties include core training, endurance training, muscle growth, fat reduction and sport specific training. “My passion for fitness training stems from my own journey toward wellness. I have personal experience with weight-management, (having lost and kept off over 60 pounds) recovery and rehabilitation from my own severe injury. These experiences have taught me the importance of integrating fitness, nutrition and behavioral changes to achieve lasting success, as well as give me a unique connection with my clients. I emphasize strength training modalities that can be transferred from the gym to daily life, incorporating the best of weight training, kickboxing, plyometrics and yoga to achieve optimal results.

Jennifer Owen

Licensed LHT Coach, Sonora, CA

Jennifer Owen has always been passionate about fitness and nutrition and holds the honor of being the first Certified LHT Revolution Coach. Jennifer is a Cross fit level #1 certified trainer, co-owner of Kid’s Spot Gym, a developmental gymnastics Certified Coach (Level 4 Gymnastics) and coach at The Master’s School of Gymnastics. In total, she has over 10 years’ experience coaching developmental and competitive gymnastics. She is on the water polo board of directors and is a social studies and art teacher for “The Education Option” as well as having developed and directed, “The Little Red School House” home school enrichment program.