Road to Success

Teen Testimonies

I’m really an emotional eater and knew very little about nutrition. WOW, how I have changed (Bought a banana from 7-11, how’s that for change?) Down 12 lbs. in two months! – Madison, 14


I learned that I eat a lot of times when I’m not even hungry and the program taught me to be more aware of my feelings.  - Kyrsta, 14 


Because I had a brain tumor, I have a hard time paying attention in class but not LHT, I was fully involved and loved each class. I also surprised myself and when we were given the pedometers I started walking 10, 0000 steps a day (Only walked about 100 before that!)  - Sierra, 19


I realized that my portions were way off and I cut back on those, started drinking more water and working out more. Really enjoyed hanging out with the rest of the group during classes too. It was super fun! (Lost 12 Lbs. now!) – Parkyre, 13


I was drinking a six pack of soda a day and now I am down to 2 a week and have lost 7 Lbs.! - Nick, 13