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By Kebscorner on August 16, 2013
I have been looking for something like this for my daughter. I heard they teach the classes all over so you just need to go and show your support and tell them where u think you would want them to have one so they can keep you in the loop biz, It's about time!


By SPSHLKAY on April 9, 2013

The book is straight forward no nonsense information that simply works. You won’t be disappointed with this book. Start your children on their way to healthier choices which in turn will make them happier healthier adults.


By JCardona3 on March 29, 2013 

At a time when 24 million children are obese in North America alone, and 2.8 Million people die a year from obesity, which is 7,671 people per day, Cynthia writes a book that is a clear road-map for helping solve the problem before it's too late. Education is key, and needs a voice. The fast food industry spends $4.6B on advertising each year, $1.6B of which is targeted towards children, yes children. By the time they are in their teens most of them don't know what real food is or what it means to eat healthy. Unfortunately for some it's too late, for others hopefully they will find this book and LHT. Cynthia's book is a must read for any child or parent struggling with their weight or wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. I can't recommend this book enough. (Joe passed away this year of caner at the young age of 55. I always think of him when I read this and realize ....even though he is gone...he is still one of my biggest fans. RIP my friend and thank you for always believing in me.)


By Peggy Lee "Author/Speaker" on March 29, 2013

Kids born in the year 2000 or after are not expected to outlive their parents. That is scary and should get our collective attention. Why? Our children are more overweight than ever and obesity is a serious health risk factor. Our kids are getting too much screen time, not enough physical activity, and have a love affair with junk food and sugar. Parents, we did it, we can fix it! And let's face it. By not stepping up for our kids, we've made our own parenting job harder. A kid with pent-up energy with a brain fueled by sugar and junk food is less likely to cooperate and be productive.
Cynthia brings her years of knowledge and experience working with teens to help kids and parents with a solution that works because it focuses on all the factors that cause the number on the scale to rise. Partner with her and help your child take steps toward a leaner, healthier life!


By CDay on March 29, 2013

As a single dad/fitness enthusiast raising 2 boys, I HIGHLY recommend this book to all parents. These days, there are so many factors that can contribute to teenage obesity, that Parents need more tools and resources to keep our kids healthy. Exercise and outdoor play have been replaced by Electronic play and interaction. Kids spend more time texting and on Facebook than they do on bikes and playing in fields. Fast food has become cheaper and portions larger. And more single Parent homes oftentimes leads to less home cooked meals and more eating out. With these factors combined, the current generation has more challenges to their health and fitness than their Parents ever had. LHT Revolution addresses the topics of nutrition, exercise, and maybe most importantly, the emotional and psychological basis for getting kids and keeping kids on the right track to becoming healthy and staying healthy. Whether your kids struggle with weight issues or not, this book is a must read for any family.


By jabber on March 27, 2013

As a world champion athlete it was an honor to be involved with such an amazing book and to see someone that really cares for teens like Cynthia does, it gives us hope for a healthier future for our kids. Being overweight as a teen myself and struggling for the right information on how to lose weight, I wish there was a book like this on the market to help me then. I think her 6 week program is an exceptional program for our youth to teach them how to not only eat better but to take charge of their own health decisions. Cynthia empowers them to make their OWN choices and doesn't tell, but teaches. Excellent book, excellent program, it's about time!


By Andrea Samadi "Author of Secret for Teens Revealed" on March 25, 2013

What better gift can you give a teen these days, but a healthier self-esteem? This book is so important for the next generation to get a head start on healthy eating in their teen years when eating habits are formed. Eating still baffles most adults, so to put your teen on the right path early on, will help them for the rest of their life. When I was a teen I just never understood why my body looked how it did. Why was I not thinner when I was very sporty? Well, I understand NOW (at age 41) how important it is to limit sugar, read food labels, and change my perception of how I see myself, but I didn't back in my teen years. If only I had read this book back then, I would have saved myself so much mental anguish about my weight. I highly recommend ALL teens read this to develop better habits and a healthier outlook on their future. After all, mind and body are connected, and if one is off balance, it will be obvious. Set your teens up for success today!

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