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Health coaches are at the forefront of an influential shift in the medical community. 

Consumer healthcare is a $502 billion market that will GROW to $737 billion over the next 5 years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of jobs for health and wellness coaches to increase 21% in the next seven years and states, "its one of the fastest growing sources of employment in the economy."

In addition, as health care costs continue to surge, more corporations are beginning to hire health coaches to establish workplace wellness programs for employees. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, 51% of all employers with a workforce of fifty or more employees created workplace wellness programs in 2013. Workplace wellness is estimated to be a $6 billion industry! 

Where Can I work?                       

One of the most exciting things about becoming an LHT coach and owning your own business (other than the obvious, which is helping families and children,) is that the possibilities when you can work, where you can work and how much you can make are endless! The internet has truly changed the way we do business and our LHT Coaches have access to a telemedicine portal which allows them to work worldwide. 

Our coaches can work with clients in the following ways;

At a Client’s Home

In Schools

A Company Wellness Program

One on One

On the Phone

Online with Skype, Webinars, Facebook Groups

Events, (online and off) Trade Shows

Chiropractors Office

Holistic Health or Wellness Centers

Churches, Community Centers or Libraries

iF you're interested in becoming an LHT Coach, Licensee or owning your own family weight loss Franchise, send us a message below and we'll send you more info!





 Leaner Healthier Today Coaches are educators, motivators and advocates, assisting individuals and families to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. They work as accountability partners assisting the client in transformation by helping set attainable goals and alternative ways to increase physical activity, healthy eating, self-esteem and positive behavior modification. They educate parents on ways to provide their families healthier meals and more activity, allowing themselves and their families to Live a Leaner, Longer Life!


 LHT Coaches do not take the place of a medical professional or licensed therapist.


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