Cynthia Besson

The Author of the Leaner Healthier Teen book and 6 week program for overweight teens and Founder of The LHT Revolution Family Weight Loss Franchise Center. With over 30 years' experience in health, fitness and motivational sciences, working with giants like Nutri System, L.A Weight Loss, Linda Evans Fitness & Healthy Inspirations, Cynthia is truly a weight loss and fitness expert!

In addition, as an entrepreneur, she has founded several successful businesses, taking one of them (her art media company) public and another from $200k to over $3 Million in two short years! Cynthias background in licensing industry is also impressive working with movie properties such as Warner Brothers "Free will" and "Left Behind" based on the New York Times Best Selling Book Series of all time. In addition her licensed products were featured in TIME Magazine 2002 July Issue.  Whether it be fine art, licensing, branding or weight loss and wellness, whatever genre she is working on, Cynthia does it with all her heart and soul. Currently she's writing her second book called "The Six Stages of Change, for Changing your Life and your Weight."

Jimmy Badra

World Champion athlete and entrepreneur, Jimmy’s owned companies from restaurateur to construction, fitness and weight loss centers. He is known not only for his 270 pound muscular build, but also for his even bigger humble heart! Jimmy’s body building achievements include the prestigious Mr. World, Olympia, Mr. USA and Mr. California, to name a few. He holds over 30 titles within the fitness and body building categories. You may remember him from his T.V commercials for a national chain of fitness centers, his magazine covers or if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting him, a gentle giant! Cynthia and Jimmy have been friends and associates since working together as co-founders of Healthy Inspirations (another weight loss & fitness franchise center) and together they have a passion for the industry that few can rival.

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