About LHT Revolution

OUR MISSION: To STOP Childhood Obesity!

The LHT Revolution Company Includes;

Franchise Weight Loss Centers for All Ages, Shapes and Sizes

The Leaner Healthier Teen Program for Teens, Tweens & Tots

The Leaner Healthier Today Program For Adults

The Leaner Healthier Together Plan For Families

Through the use of Licensed, Certified LHT Coaches and Franchises worldwide, we are on a mission to save a GENERATION from OBESITY, DIABETES and an early death!

Founder, Cynthia Besson and Co-Founder Jimmy "Jubran" Badra, have over 60 years combined experience in health, weight loss, fitness and motivational science. They've helped thousands of adult and teens lose millions of pounds!

Co-Founder, Jimmy Badra is a Mr. World Champion athlete and holds over 25 titles in the fitness and bodybuilding industries. Cynthia Besson has been in the weight loss and wellness industries for over 30 years. A seasoned entrepreneur, owning three successful companies, it was at a pivotal point when she was 18 and watched her mother die (at only 38,) from the complications of diabetes, that she knew her calling was to help save other families. 

(Type 2 diabetes is preventative with proper weight management, diet and exercise.)

The passion Cynthia and Jimmy have for the obesity crisis  also stems from their own struggles as overweight teens.  LHT is a Childhood Obesity REVOLUTION, created to help save a GENERATION!

Did you know?

1-3 Children are overweight

65% of Adults  are Overweight

Obesity Has Become A National Health Crisis

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             Become a Certified LHT Coach!

LHT is the First Teen and Family Nutrition Education and Weight Loss Franchise and Certification in the country and we're looking for passionate people to join our team!

As a Certified LHT weight loss Coach, you'll begin your journey with the support of management whose experience spans over 60 years’ in the weight loss, health and fitness industries. By educating children of all ages through fun, educational and interactive classes, we're helping change our nation’s obesity crisis, one child and one family at a time! 

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Learn more about being part of our team as an LHT Coach, Licensee or even own your own Franchise. 

                                               Leaner, Healthier Today- "Live a Leaner, Longer Life!"©

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