The Revolution

What is LHT Revolution?

LHT is a Childhood Obesity REVOLUTION, created to help save a GENERATION! 

The Leaner Healthier Teen Revolution program is a nutrition education weight loss program for teens and tweens .

Originally founded in 2006, the LHT program has been a tremendous success as demonstrated by graduates who have kept their weight off. The program aims to reach today's youth on their terms by offering a fully integrated system made up of interactive real-time and online classes, webinars, family plans and one-on-one coaching. The Leaner Healthier Teen book is designed to be an integrated part of the classes taught by Certified LHT Coaches, but can also be followed independently at home. Lessons are taught in a fun, accessible way that appeals to teens and tweens and the diet plan is based on healthy food exchanges. (Since our inception, we've gone on to include children from six years old and up.)

At LHT, We do not put kids on a diet, we help educate and empower them to make better choices and the by-product of doing so just happens to be weight loss, improved health, and better self-esteem!

At LHT Revolution we believe in the words “yes” and “you can,” our environment creates increased confidence and fosters a strong “buddy system” among our students. The education we provide at LHT will encourage healthy habits that will last a lifetime! “Not to mention….Our team is pretty cool and we have a lot of fun!”

  Whats so unique about the program?

  • Founders have over 60 years combined experience in relevant fields.
  • We don’t teach or believe in a "diet mentality," but a "lifestyle philosophy!" 
  • Thousands of successful clients.
  • Heartfelt testimonials from clients, kids, parents, doctors and other industry execs.
  • A Smart, growing, recognizable brand that’s upbeat, positive, and forward thinking.
  • A caring, compassionate culture of coaches, who want to change the world!

 If you are a family in need of counseling or need help for your child, please let us know and we'll find you a coach in your area. Programs are tailored to fit individual clients needs.

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