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"Be the change you wish to see in the world."- Gandhi

The Leaner Healthier Together Family plan is a state of the art program aimed at utilizing the families resources to help stop childhood obesity. These proprietary programs led by LHT Certified and licensed coaches, teach families of all ages, shapes and sizes how to achieve a healthy and lasting ideal weight.  Teaching them how to cook more at home with healthy, inexpensive and quick meals. What the proper diet is for different ages and stages of life. How to promote more physical activity, (less online and electronic device use) and more activities that include movement for the entire family. How to navigate fast food and more!

Included in our 6 week family plan are interactive exercises such as:

  • A family grocery shopping learning tour.
  • Teach the family how to read food labels.
  • What types of beverages to drink.
  • Fast  food options. 
  • Frozen food education. 
  • Weekly food and menu planning.
  • How and where to buy farm fresh local foods. 
  • Family friendly recipes.
  • How to help your overweight child.

Our goal is to help educate the family as a unit to support each other, creating a healthy family lifestyle change. Studies have shown that parental mentoring is pivotal to a child's success in losing weight, so by including the whole family, it doesn't just isolate the overweight child, it assists the WHOLE FAMILY in leading a Leaner, Longer Life!© 

  • The program was medically designed by experts with over 100 years combined experience in the health, wellness and supplementation industries. 

“Recommended by over 20,000 Doctors and Dietitians worldwide!”  

We serve ANY individual who wants to lose weight!  

To learn more about the adult, teen and family programs download our brochures from the Leaner Healthier Teen Page!           

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