The Leaner Healthier Teen Revolution book is a nutrition education weight loss program for teens and tweens ages 6 to 18. Originally founded in 2006, the LHT program has been a tremendous success as demonstrated by graduates who have kept their weight off for several years. The program aims to reach today's youth on THEIR terms by offering a fully integrated system made up of interactive real-time and online classesthe LHTeen book,  social media, webinars, and one-on-one coaching. The LHT book is designed to be an integrated part of multi-media classes taught by Certified LHT Coaches, but can also be followed independently at home, with the support of the LHT online community. Lessons are taught in a fun, accessible way that appeals to teenagers, and is based on healthy food exchanges. We do not put kids on a diet, we help educate and empower them to make better choices and the by-product of doing so happens to be weight loss, improved health and better self-esteem! To purchase the book go to our LHT Store or send us a note if the store is not hooked up yet! (Still working out the new website kinks! :-) 

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