The LHT University

The LHT University training offers anyone who wants to work with overweight or health conscious children or families, a solid foundation to build a weight loss center or wellness coaching business on. We’ll increase your knowledge, coaching skills and confidence in every area, as you grow, all while earning a great living and saving lives.


Our program uses a comprehensive set of resources, including one- on- one coaching, group classes, live and pre-recorded webinars, interactive telemedicine, texting and email notification tools.  


Inside of LHT University you’ll find learning modules which include power point presentations, weekly lesson plans, class video examples, LHTeen  class curriculum, checklists, marketing materials, event workflows and much more. All of these tools equip our coaches, licensees and franchisees to teach and empower their clients with life long sustainable weight loss and wellness habits.

Additional Library Lessons Include:

Nutrition Program for Adults & Children

Health & Wellness Tools

Behavior Modification Techniques

Emotional Eating Worksheet
Stress and Sleep Management Tools
Visualization Exercises
Mind Body Connection Strategies
Goal Setting Workshops
Business Management

Event Management


Social Media Training

Forms, Worksheets, Client Questionnaires, Doctors & School Letters, Business Cards, Letterhead, Poster, Prints, Advertisements, Event Outlines and So Much More! Over 100 Documents are Provided for You to Use in your Business!

LHT Coaches incorporate our proprietary, Six Stage Model of Change Formula  when working with adult clients. This formula is based on world renown works for breaking the cycle of addiction. Using the SSMC model, combined with our 30 years of hands on experience working with overweight individuals, LHT has had unprecedented success with it's clients.

Whether you’re a new coach, or already a coach, trainer, therapist or wellness extraordinaire, you’ll love this formula and easily be able to adapt it to your already existing clients. You’ll get quicker results that will last longer!

Once You've Completed Your Certification, You'll Have More;

PRIDE: Represent a business and brand you can tell the world about and be proud of.

INTENT: Immediately start your LHT business. 

KNOWLEDGE: Know how to teach a complete 6-12 week LHT course.
EDUCATION: Learn how to find new clients, run a more organized business & understand how to market more efficiently on social media.
CONFIDENCE: Have more confidence in your ability to close and up-sell any wellness program without feeling salesy.
VALUE: Increase your value by becoming an expert in a modality (Niche market) that few other coaches offer.
PASSION: Regain or renew your passion for helping others, through a new, exciting vehicle. 
TOOLS: Present to Schools, Doctors, Parents, Companies and more.

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