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This is a short video of an event we did at a church to raise money to fund underprivileged children and families to attend one of our LHT six week courses. You can see we have a great and caring team, and always receive great praise and accolades for bringing this kind of program to life!

What Makes Us Different?  

We have over 60 years combined experience in the health, wellness, weight loss, motivational sciences, business, branding, public speaking and event planning fields, to name a few. YES, you can feel confident, that we are EXPERTS!

• We don’t believe in the “diet" mentality, so we teach a lifestyle philosophy.

• We have thousands of successful clients to prove our "Lifestyle Philosophy" works!
• Heartfelt testimonials from associates, clients, kids, parents, doctors &  industry execs .
• A smart, growing, recognizable brand that’s upbeat, positive and forward thinking.
• A caring, compassionate culture of coaches, who want to change the world!



Cynthia Besson is an author, motivational speaker, trainer and founder of The LHT Revolution Family Weight Loss Franchise Center and the LHTeen and LHToday Family programs. With over 30 years' experience in health, fitness and motivational sciences, working with giants like Nutri System, L.A Weight Loss, Linda Evans Fitness Centers and  & Healthy Inspirations Exercise and Diet Franchise, Cynthia has become a weight loss and emotional eating expert. 

The teen part of the program was originally founded in 2006, born out of sheer frustration. "Having been in the industry all my life and knowing there was nothing out there, other than weight loss camps for teens, I knew we had to DO something and so LHT was born." 

With the assistance of over 40 teens, she applied hands-on training with her revolutionary concepts in the areas of teen weight loss, emotional eating, values clarification and positive self -image techniques. Her clients (both adults and teens,) have achieved unprecedented success!

"Last year we added adults and families to the LHT program. Now, we're looking for a team of individuals to help us continue with our mission, to save a generation from obesity and diabetes."  

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Jimmy Badra


Jimmy Badra and Cynthia have been friends and associates for 15 years, since Co-Founding Healthy Inspirations, a Weight Loss & Fitness Franchise Center in Sunnyvale Calif. They found in one another, a mutual passion for fighting and saving people from obesity and the emotional and physical trauma that comes with it. Since then, they've tirelessly studied, tested, and retested various weight loss programs. Only to find the one, that can not only stand the test of time, but that a client (young or old) can also find lasting success on. 

World Champion athlete and entrepreneur, Jimmy’s owned companies from restaurants to construction, fitness and weight loss centers. He is known not only for his 270 pound muscular build, but also for his even bigger humble heart! 

Jimmy’s body building achievements include the prestigious Mr. World, Mr. USA and Mr. California, Olympia, to name a few. He holds over 30 titles within the fitness and body building categories. You may remember him from his T.V commercials for a national chain of fitness centers or his magazine covers.

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