Who Is LHT For

The Leaner Healthier Teens and Leaner Healthier Families certification program is for anyone who wants to become a NEW health coach or wants to ADD Children and Family coaching to their already EXISTING skill set


  •  If you’re brand NEW to coaching and want to be in the health, wellness and weight loss fields, then LHT is for you!
  •  If you’re passionate about reversing childhood obesity, then LHT is for you!
  •  If you’re already a coach, and looking for a “NICHE” that other coaches don’t offer, then LHT is for you!
  •  If you’re interested in a whole new career as a family health and wellness coach, then LHT is for you.
  •  If you’re a personal trainer interested in adding another modality to your already existing business...
  •  If you want to work with companies to help their employees get healthier...
  •  If you prefer to learn online and not waste time on a long, drawn out, expensive course, then LHT is for you!
  •  If youre a coach who is savvy about investing in your own success, then LHT is for you!
  •  If you’re a coach who sees the value in advanced training, sign up now, because LHT is for waiting for you!


  Finally, if you're reading this, then you already know that 

  obesity is ruining our health and risking our children’s future. 

  If you are even remotely passionate about this problem 

  then I urge you to move forward with us and help save a generation!


                                               Leaner, Healthier Today- "Live a Leaner, Longer Life!"©

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