Who Will Help Me With Training?

You’re in real luck because for the first couple of LHT course trainings you’ll be trained directly from the master herself, Cynthia Besson. As the founder of Leaner Healthier Teen, Leaner Healthier Today and the Leaner Healthier Family Weight Loss Centers she has a lot on her plate, but felt that training the first few groups of coaches was SO important she wanted to do it herself! After which, she will be handing the torch to someone (maybe it might even be you) to help her teach the thousands of coaching classes that are forecasted this year.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of THIS. You’ll learn far more than just about this program as she has 30 years of entrepreneurial skills under her belt. The prices will be going up after a couple sessions as well so having this price and Cynthia are a once in a lifetime opportunity!

The LHT University training offers anyone who wants to work with children or families, a solid foundation to build a coaching business on. We start by building a solid foundation for you to start your business. We’ll increase your knowledge, increasing your coaching skills and confidence in every area, all while earning more and changing the lives of children and families.
We know that just like your students, everyone learns differently, so each lesson includes your training manual, (you can download and print if you choose) power points, audio and videos. Whether you’re a seasoned learner, or new to online learning, 99% of our graduates pass the final certification exam easily. Imagine, in only 60 days, you’ll have the clarity, confidence and skillset to make a great living and start saving a generation!


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